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King Rib / Andrew Perry – Split (WGGFDTB)

Kosmic Summer Compilation (Ducktape Records)

Posset/Andrew Perry – Split (Fuckin Amateurs)

Andrew Perry/Utility – Split (Foredoom)

Andrew Perry/Dead Wood – The Victory EP (Dirty Demos)

Gish/Perry – I’m afraid I ate too much butter as a youth (Apollolaan Recordings)

Andrew Perry / Dead Wood – The Sweetest Meat (Striate Cortex)

Appear in The Good Time Guys and Dictaphonic Youth on
V/A – New Horizons From The Distant Void (Striate Coretx)

Appear on
Gish – Pilfer (Dead Sea Liner)

Andrew Perry – Goodbye Planet Earth, Hello Planet Rock (RECKNO)

Drinking Time
Matter of Time – Live Performance for Five Storey Projects collective.

Sunshine Republic – No Mo Homo Than A Bomo Bro Show (RECKNO)

Sunshine Republic – Beer Crew Round 1 (Krayon Recordings)

Sunshine Republic – Ransack Your Mansack (Krayon Recordings)

Sunshine Republic / Flatlands – Celebrity Fat Cunts (Super-Fi)