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Some nice words from midwich blog

Rob Hayler is a lovely man! He’s written a thousand words on me for his radio free midwich blog.

Definitely keep checking back to his page, well worth reading everything.


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Review of Utility split

ANDREW PERRY/UTILITY – SPLIT (cassette by Foredoom Productions)

Foredoom Productions primarily releases cassettes with “but not exclusively with – harsh / minimal acoustic / electronic improvisations / arrangements.”

Andrew Perry previously collaborated with Dead Wood (see Vital Weekly 719) and is a member of Gish (see Vital Weekly 707). The cover lists only one title for his side, but it consists of various blocks of sounds/music, alternating between loud, quite loud, a bit softer. Hard to tell what it is that he does here, but as a brutal form of musique concrete it actually sounds quite alright. Roughly processed field recordings and electronics. Nice. I never heard of Utility who have a thirty-two minute piece on the b-side. It starts out quite loud, and I feared it would be all noise here, but thing went more quiet and it seems it was made on a bunch of analogue synthesizers. Not quite at the sophisticated edge of cosmic music, but effective and to the point.

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Andrew Perry / Dead Wood review in Rocka Rolla

Thanks to Scott McKeating

If you can’t see what it says above in the image here it is again!

“Fine collaborative effort of three pieces of drone-play that slip between sine language, lunar waves and guitar-based music. It’s the disc’s least harsh, and most organic sounding piece, the opening ‘The Presentation’ that’s the most intriguing – sounding something akin to the hollowing out of the drone of shaking Hendrix notes. The Sweetest Meat succeeds, where many, many others fail in finding a sliver of the Arcanum between the solid and the insubstantial.”

To anyone who noticed the mistake in this post before my apologies, especially to the one involved.

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